In collaboration with Siliconandhra TV9 recently telecast Sanjivanithon to raise additional funds for Sanjivani multi speciality hospital.  The LIVE telecast was aired non-stop/uninterrupted without any sponsors in USA for five hours and in Indian time band for three hours the next day.

Donations poured in from as far as Bahrain to Tokyo and the Telugu diaspora spread across the world responded through Skype calls and social media connect. Combined with donors from India an amount of four crore ten lakhs was collected.  Earlier on 24th June 2018 history was created for the first time on Telugu news television when an appeal was made to support upcoming hospital and a sum of thirteen crores was collected during TV9 LIVE telecast.

Huge Response to TV9 Siliconandhra Sanjivanithon fund raising event – TV9

Today the six floors of Sanjivani hospital with a total area of one lakh sq ft has been completed in record time and the Out patient department will be inaugurated and opened up for the public on October 18th, Dasara festival. Medical equipment for a multi speciality hospital is being set up and doctors from USA and India are ready to offer their services.

 Siliconandhra founder Kuchibhotla Anand on Sanjivanithon fund rising – TV9

Sanjivani multi speciality hospital is a non-profit venture of Siliconandhra in association with Smart Andhra Pradesh foundation which provides health services at doorstep to people in 150 villages.

 Be A Part Of ” TV9 Siliconandhra Sanjivani Hospital ” & Save Lives ! || Kuchipudi 

Kuchipudi is a village in Movva Mandal, Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh world renowned for the ancient Kuchipudi dance form. The village has no roads and schools and has been neglected by successive governments since independence. This was before Siliconandhra adopted Kuchipudi. Today roads have been laid, people’s basic needs have been met and developmental works taken up.

 Sanjivanithon 2 : Donor’s express their happiness over Sanjivani Multispeciality Hospital – TV9

As part of its Corporate social responsibility TV9 channel has always supported numerous causes over the years. Additionally, Ravi Prakash Foundation was founded in 2017 to further its commitment and passion for making a change in the society by supporting the cause of education and health. Today Ravi Prakash Foundation is undertaking philanthropic activities in these areas. Ravi Prakash Foundation has donated four crores to the hospital. TV9 by supporting this cause not once but twice has made history in the area of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy by promoting, publicizing and telecasting Sanjivanithon I and II free of cost for twelve hours in parts and by raising funds of 17 crores.

Sanjivanithon 2 : Your Ancestors names will remain forever on the walls of Sanjivani hospital – TV9

Sanjivanithon : వేగంగా నిర్మాణమవుతున్న సంజీవని ఆస్పత్రి || Kuchipudi – TV9


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