While India is described as an emerging world leader, the future generations are not nurtured or educated to face the challenges. Education among tribal children in parts of Visakhapatnam is at the lowest even after 70 years of Independence. Araku valley known as a nature’s bounty with cool climate and also a tourist hub is located in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. It boasts of a population of tribals who have a lifestyle and a language of their own. They hunt and gather forest produce like honey. The government schools that followed Multi lingual system once educated children. All that was discontinued after 2011 and the tribal children today do not go to schools in Araku valley. Girls look after their siblings after their parents go to work. They do not attend any school as nothing interests them anymore because the medium of teaching is
not in their local language.

TV9 took up a campaign where a senior reporter/ anchor was stationed in the tribal hamlets for many days. The anchor reported about how today there are eight thousand school drop outs. And with the help of a Balabadi volunteer she also visited a success school  run by Kiran Chukkapalli. Kiran and his team taught through song and dance. Local volunteers were trained as teachers and it is they who brought children to school. Children were taught alphabets in local language and gradually Telugu and English were introduced. Few children spoke flawless English.

TV9 campaigned consistently showing these two contrasting stories to campaign for education as a right to tribal children.



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