Human induced climate change is one of the most prominent challenges of our times, with a warming planet being a present-day reality and a potential future threat. The changes in global weather patterns are caused due to human emissions of greenhouse gases. TV9 strongly believed in protection of the environment through student participation. In this regard the channel has always encouraged school students to plant trees.

TV9 initiated the Seed ball campaign in 2017 with the aim to build urban forestry and to provide greenery in barren and man made deserts. Promos were made showing how seeds can be placed in the middle of a ball made up of moist mixture of clay and red soil. Many schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana took up the responsibility to get the required clay and fertile mud. School children were encouraged to roll seeds in lumps of mud.  The seed ball becomes hard when dried in shade. This dried, hard seed ball can be tossed or planted in waste lands, dry lands, uninhabited lands just before the monsoon. The rains soaked the seed ball and germinated the seed inside. To increase the green cover around one lakh seed balls were spread across ten districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with TV9 reporters, school children, celebrities and government officials together through LIVE show.

TV9’s Seed Ball Campaign : School kids pledge their support

Collector Amrapali leads Seed Ball campaign in Warangal – TV9



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