Ravi Prakash Sanjivani Hospital Services Launched

Health care began at a minimal cost to 5 lakh people of 150 villages around Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh. The 200 bedded Ravi Prakash Siliconandhra Sanjivani hospital started its services on Sunday, 6th January 2019. Medical equipment had been set up and doctors from USA and India are all set to offer their services for free.

Andhra Pradesh Assemby Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad as Chief Guest inaugurated the Central lab. Basavatarakam Cancer hospital Medical Director Dr. Subrahmanyeswar Rao ,Siddharta Medical College Alumni President Dr. Srinivas, Secretary Amarnath, many NRIs and Pamarru MLA Kalpana attended the Mega Health Camp.

Age has not deterred Kuchipudi woman Mandava Bala Tripura Sundari who is nearly 70 yrs old to collect a whopping 70 lakh from each and every household. She too donated one lakh to the hospital.

Today the surrounding villages of Kuchipudi have a multi speciality hospital and the people will no longer have to depend on Vijayawada hospitals which used to be the closest delivering health facilities to them. The six floors of Sanjivani hospital with a total area of one lakh sq ft was completed in record time and inaugurated on 18th October 2018 – Vijaya Dasami day. Silicoandhra founder Kuchibhotla Anand and TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash efforts were lauded for bringing hi-tech health care to the doorsteps of the needy.

Sanjivani hospital has been built completely with crowd funding. Many locals from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich contributed from a mere hundred rupees to a few crores . Through the Ravi Prakash Foundation TV9 CEO donated Rs. 4 crore for construction. NRIs across many countries pitched in funds to help for the philanthropic cause.

In the history of broadcast journalism in India for the first time a crowd funding campaign was taken up by TV9 news channel. Through many hours of non-stop LIVE telecast seventeen crore was raised. The entire campaign on TV was done in collaboration with Siliconandhra.

Siliconandhra is a non- profit, non- political, non- religious, cultural and community organization that promotes art and dance among the Telugu speaking people in the US.

Watch here:

Ravi Prakash Sanjivani Multi Speciality Hospital starts health services- TV9


Sanjivanithon : TV9 Initiative for a better society

History was created on 24th June 2018 for the first time on Telugu News Television. In less than a span of four hours a sum of thirteen crores was collected. An appeal was made by Siliconandhra in collaboration with TV9 to the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to support an upcoming multi speciality hospital Sanjivani in Kuchipudi village. Sanjivani multi speciality hospital is a non-profit venture where some of the best doctors from India and US will offer their services.
Kuchipudi is a village in Movva Mandal, Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh world renowned for the ancient Kuchipudi dance form. The village has no roads and schools and has been neglected by successive governments since independence. This was before Siliconandhra adopted Kuchipudi. Today roads have been laid, people’s basic needs have been met and developmental works taken up.
In collaboration with Siliconandhra TV9 telecast Sanjivanithon fund raising event
LIVE for four hours and collections poured in from three different centres – Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Kuchipudi. Hordes of people went to see the hospital building under construction. Many of them; from the poorest of poor to the richest of the rich contributed. From a mere hundred rupees to a few crores donations came in for the philanthropic cause.


Sivayya : Inspirational Story

His name is Sivayya. He is sixty five years old. He knows the pain of how his co-villagers have to travel two hours to reach the nearest hospital in Vijayawada in times of medical emergency. When Sivayya came to know about Sanjivani hospital,  he felt happy at the prospect of medical aid reaching his doorsteps. He thought it was his duty to part with a minimum amount. Without a second thought he donated Rs. 3,500 from his meagre daily earnings. Sivayya makes a living by pulling a rickshaw. He is a rich man because he has a big heart. Sivayya’s inspirational story was telecast over & over again. Inspired by Sivayya’s story, many came forward to contribute for the noble cause. In collaboration with Siliconandhra TV9 telecast Sanjivanithon a fund raising event LIVE and managed to collect thirteen crores in four hours for Sanjivani a multi speciality hospital in Kuchipudi. Collections poured in from three different centres – Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Kuchipudi. Hordes of people went to see the hospital building under construction in Kuchipudi. Many saw Sivayya there and congratulated him for his noble gesture. TV9 thanks rickshaw puller Sivayya for inspiring people to donate for Sanjivanithon.


Ravi Prakash Foundation : One year to philanthropy in education

Zilla Parishad High School students and management thanked TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash at a thanksgiving meet organised at Kothapatnam in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. One year ago on July 5th, 2017 new school block was inaugurated by Ravi Prakash.

ZP Government school like many other government schools lacked enough class rooms for students and classes were held under tree shade. Ravi Prakash Foundation built a new block at the cost of one crore. Eight classrooms and a library was planned. Separate rooms for teachers and headmaster was built. Classrooms had paintings on walls that matched the décor of tables and chairs. Each class was given fans, study tables, chairs,  and the book racks in library gave it a corporate look. Students from far places started to come here to study. Today the school’s strength has gone up by 1500 students and teachers by 50. The pass percentage has increased to 98% and it is a proud moment for the school as six students have got selected for IIIT.


As part of its Corporate social responsibility TV9 channel has always supported numerous causes over the years. Additionally Ravi Prakash Foundation was founded in 2017 to further its commitment and passion for bringing change in the society by supporting the cause of education and health. Ravi Prakash Foundation is undertaking philanthropic activities in these areas.



TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash Foundation supports TEAM Aid

Whether it was Indian students unfortunate deaths in road accidents, Universities leaving Indian students in the lurch or when Indian women faced domestic violence it was the one phone call they made to TEAM Square that came to their aid. TEAM Square offered help to hundreds of Telugu NRIs in the USA.
TEAM square was a non-profit organization started by Telugu NRI Mohan Nannapaneni twenty years ago. It began its activities with 200 volunteers and 6,000 members. Today it is purely a voluntary organisation and works just like any International Red Cross or
Salvation Army.
Team Square has been renamed as TEAM Aid and has expanded its services to
every Indian regardless of caste, creed and language. TEAM Aid offers services
in America and Canada. TEAM Aid had sought collaboration with other national
and international organizations in fifty States of North America and the
response had been encouraging.
In New Jersey on 10th April 2018 forty organizations partnered with TEAM Aid. The website teamaid.org was launched at the event for people to register as volunteers. TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash was the Chief Guest for this event and also at Bay Area’s Siliconandhra University event on 5th June 2018 where thirty Indian organizations partnered with TEAM Aid which included a Malayali, Sikh and Marwadi Association.
Ravi Prakash Foundation has decided to support TEAM Aid. Mr. Ravi Prakash
strongly believed that Indian community in the US under TEAM Aid is one large extended family. TV9 Telugu channel has been promoting TEAM Aid phone
numbers and its activities vigorously in American time band.
As part of its Corporate social responsibility TV9 channel has always supported numerous causes over the years. Additionally Ravi Prakash Foundation was founded in 2017 to further his commitment and passion for making change in society by supporting the cause of education and health. Today Ravi Prakash Foundation is  undertaking philanthropic activities in these areas.



TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash initiation for Environment protection : Seed Ball Campaign

Human induced climate change is one of the most prominent challenges of our times, with a warming planet being a present-day reality and a potential future threat. The changes in global weather patterns are caused due to human emissions of greenhouse gases. TV9 strongly believed in protection of the environment through student participation. In this regard the channel has always encouraged school students to plant trees.

TV9 initiated the Seed ball campaign in 2017 with the aim to build urban forestry and to provide greenery in barren and man made deserts. Promos were made showing how seeds can be placed in the middle of a ball made up of moist mixture of clay and red soil. Many schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana took up the responsibility to get the required clay and fertile mud. School children were encouraged to roll seeds in lumps of mud.  The seed ball becomes hard when dried in shade. This dried, hard seed ball can be tossed or planted in waste lands, dry lands, uninhabited lands just before the monsoon. The rains soaked the seed ball and germinated the seed inside. To increase the green cover around one lakh seed balls were spread across ten districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with TV9 reporters, school children, celebrities and government officials together through LIVE show.

TV9’s Seed Ball Campaign : School kids pledge their support

Collector Amrapali leads Seed Ball campaign in Warangal – TV9



TV9 Public Service Messages

Media forms an integral part of everyone’s lives. Media plays the noteworthy job of letting the masses know what is happening round the world and that too within minutes of the outbreak.
As part of its motto for a better society and unlike other media houses TV9 takes up around 30 social causes every year free of cost. It also does numerous public service messages to create awareness on social, political, economic problems in country. Some of its recent campaigns have been against poorly maintained government hospitals and corruption by staff who extort money from the poor.
To create awareness that superstitions are a bane for the society and unscientific, many public service messages have been made by the channel to create awareness against such issues. In this issue TV9 did an investigation into tribal hamlets where people felt that they were attacked by ghosts in the night. Through consistent reporting and working with local tribals it was proved that men were under delusion due to alcohol, chloroform adulteration of toddy.
Another public service campaign has been against honour killings of intercaste married couples. Not only did TV9 run campaigns and aired promos to create awareness, but also did a full fledged show called Veli Prema to highlight issues that inter caste married couples face.
In times of natural crisis TV9 has been forthcoming in spreading public service messages especially in climate issues like cyclone and thunderstorm strikes. A significant part of TV9’s content has been supporting social causes and creating awareness  campaigns. The channel which started in 2004 with network channels in four important states of the country has always taken its corporate social responsibility and its motto for a better society seriously. Some of the other public service messages have been against violence in schools, gender violence, child abuse, domestic violence etc.